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Jeannette Dozier

Jeannette is an award-winning writer, director and SFX makeup artist.

Jeannette started Disruptor Media as a creative outlet and, together with business partners, brought ten short films and short docs to fruition. 

Her passion is the horror genre in all its forms. 


Disruptor Media Productions Logo.jpg
Secret Ingredient
Coming soon

Twelfth generation baker, Angela, wants to take her family bakery in a new direction. Unfortunately, that direction seems to be down. With business failing, she has no choice but to return to her family's tried and true recipes...and it's secret ingredients. A Seloy, Florida story.

1-800-Exorcism poster.png
March 2020

Televangelist Mike Wilkins gets more than he bargained for when confronted with true evil on live TV.

Lipstick traces cover full.png
Lipstick Traces
July 2019

Brendon is a young man with a disturbing phobia. Now, with the girl of his dreams so close, can he overcome his fears or will a seemingly normal date set off a train of tragic events?

In so many words cover.png
In so many words
December 2019

On the day Kylar's therapist is to approve gender reassignment surgery, they both discover that it might not be the right solution.

April 2019

A family deals with the repercussions of a young child's transition from female to male.

Home for Thanksgiving cover.png
Home for Thanksgiving
November 2018

A mother prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. But a dark family secret could keep all from coming home for the holiday

Sleep appnea cover.png
Sleep APPnea
September 2018

A young girl tortured by night terrors discovers it might not all be just a dream....

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